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  • No. 43 To work with wisdom.

    No. 43 To work with wisdom.

  • No. 29 Harmony in life and with those around oneself.

    No. 29 Harmony in life and with those

  • No. 1 Harmony in the home.

    No. 1 Harmony in the home.

  • No. 19 Developing the strength and intelligence of the will.

    No. 19 Developing the strength and in



We are surrounded by colours and shapes, but we do not know how to take advantage of all the wealth they have to offer us . . . The Angel Mandalas were created as a therapeutic treatment for both you and your environment. By their colours and shapes they have the power to balance energies and transform negative influences into positive influences. They will help you acquire virtues to control your life better. They can also make the place where you live more peaceful and harmonious. It is simply to learn to consciously connect with them.

Energy Mandalas

mandala-114Everyone has had moments in their life when they needed help. It is to meet this fundamental need and support the Light in man and in life that the Energy Mandalas and Angel Mandalas have been designed and created. At any level whatsoever, all those who use the Mandalas will receive help, assistance and support in their lives and in their undertakings, projects and wishes. In each Mandala is a potential for success, a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration. They are an open door to another world where everything good is possible.

Angel Mandalas

102The Mandalas are part of a tradition of mandalas, which has affected all peoples and all cultures. But they are revolutionary. For the first time, each mandala is connected to a large universal mandala animated by the Angels. Never has such a thing been thought of or done before in the history of mankind. A Mandala is a door to another world that can be called "angelic." That is why it is connected to a specific virtue. For us, the Essenes, the Angels are virtues.Of course, we know that Angel is much more than a virtue, but it is by developing the virtues that we can actually approach the angels, have communion with them and manifest them in our daily life.

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