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About mandalas

Placing an Energy Mandala at Home

mandala-62The Energy Mandalas have been first and foremost realized to animate the soul of the house, since every house, every home is in essence a mandala. What else a house or an apartment would be but a second body, a body for the body? The body is a house for the soul and the spirit. Ideally, the spirit should be a house for the Divine, the beautiful, the true, the good, the eternal. Nowadays, the constraints of intensive urbanization fade originality; it is forbidden by the all-powerful collective norm. Cowardly, the soul has been abandoned in favour of the body.

The Circle of Your Balance

mandala-193Nature uses mandalas to transform energies, to sublimate them. The Energy Mandala guides you during meditation, but also in action. It invites you to create your own mandala, to be part of the rhythm of life, to re-centre in the essential, to put order back in and around you, to become genuine, profound, true, oriented towards the inner self, a creator of beauty, of harmonious colours, sounds and rhythms.

The Sacred Mountain

mandala-171The word ‘mandala’ originates from ancient Sanskrit and means ‘circle.’ The circle is the visible part of the spiral of energy animating it. Within the symbolism of astrology, the zodiac, an image of the universe, is represented by a circle, and the Sun, king of the stars, by a circle with a dot in its centre. The circle and the spiral are symbols of the universe, of perfection, of evolution, of creation and of the Creator. All geometric and symbolic figures have their origins in the circle. In the same way, an Energy Mandala is a magical drawing representing the power of the All.

Entering the Magic of the Sacred World

mandala-287Mandalas are a type of energy that one can sense, which belongs to the sphere of concepts and yet has the power to unite us with the higher world of unity and magic. They are a link between the daily world and its load of prejudices, of illusions, of joys and troubles that we feel we know well, and the kingdom of life, vast, infinite, universal, supporting all universes and nourishing them.

Reaching One's Inner Center

mandala-243The Energy Mandalas are agents, delegates of the Sun. The Sun is a physical incarnation of the higher consciousness. All the solar system gravitates around it. It is the centre of all activities and the source of light, heat and life. The solar system is the model for all Energy Mandalas. In the middle of its system, the Sun is the living image of perfection, of the centre, of the spirit.

A Communication Tool

mandala-106Because of their very structure, the Energy Mandalas talk to us about the creation and harmony of the cosmos. They connect what is inside, the microcosm, to what lies outside, the macrocosm. The planets moving around the Sun form a mandala. Likewise, the galaxies with their spiraling shapes or the atoms gravitating around the nucleus reflect the same structure, the same intelligence manifested in the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

Feng Shui for Your House

mandala-38In reality, man is a ‘hieroglyph of the cosmos’: with his words, attitudes, gestures, his way of standing up and of being, he is a language that gets inscribed or not into the universal harmony. It is a magical writing that is not done with a pen on a white sheet of paper but with the entire being of man in the book of life. Man must be part of the universal harmony; he must join his voice to the great choir of the worlds.

Energy Mandalas

mandala-114Everyone has had moments in their life when they needed help. It is to meet this fundamental need and support the Light in man and in life that the Energy Mandalas and Angel Mandalas have been designed and created. At any level whatsoever, all those who use the Mandalas will receive help, assistance and support in their lives and in their undertakings, projects and wishes. In each Mandala is a potential for success, a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration. They are an open door to another world where everything good is possible.

Angel Mandalas

102The Mandalas are part of a tradition of mandalas, which has affected all peoples and all cultures. But they are revolutionary. For the first time, each mandala is connected to a large universal mandala animated by the Angels. Never has such a thing been thought of or done before in the history of mankind. A Mandala is a door to another world that can be called "angelic." That is why it is connected to a specific virtue. For us, the Essenes, the Angels are virtues.Of course, we know that Angel is much more than a virtue, but it is by developing the virtues that we can actually approach the angels, have communion with them and manifest them in our daily life.